We are offering classes for all interests and experience levels!


There is something truly for everyone, whether you've only had a couple of lessons on your practice instrument, or you've taken a break from piping or drumming and want to get back into it, or you're an experienced grade 1 or 2 competitor, or a seasoned pipe major or drum sergeant, or something in between. We strive to bring pipers and drummers together, no matter what level they are, to learn from one another and share our passion for this great music! 


While we develop our 2021 class schedule, browse this sampling of classes we've offered in the past. If there's a particular class you'd like to see, let us know!  


A Sampling of Piping Topics:

  • Music Theory

  • 2/4 March Phrasing

  • Band Ensemble 

  • Learn a Piobaireachd

  • Solo Competition Preparation

  • Composing

  • How to Teach Bagpipes 

  • Drone Reed Trials - Find the best fit for your pipes!

  • Improving Sound/Tone

  • Simple Marches and Slow Aires

  • Steady Blowing

  • Articulation of Technique

  • Reed Selection and Manipulation with reedmaker Chris Apps

  • Pipe Maintenance 

  • Pipe Major Problems

  • Canntaireachd

  • Drumming for Pipers

  • Individual One-on-One Critiques with Nancy Tunnicliffe

  • Smallpiping (was new on the schedule for 2020) 

  • And much more!


Some of our Drumming Topics: 

  • Breaking Down Massed Band Scores

  • Dynamics Development Workout

  • Recruiting and Developing Drummers

  • Tenor Basics

  • Bass Basics

  • Hornpipe and Jig Scores

  • Improving your Buzzes and All Roll Work

  • Drum Corps Role in Ensemble

  • Snare Drum Tuning

  • Flams, Drags, and Singles

  • Bass and Tenor Tuning and Maintenance

  • Flourishing

  • Writing Scores

  • And much more! 

Additional Topics for Both Pipers & Drummers: 

  • Yoga for Pipers and Drummers -  The focus is on fingers, hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders as we improve strength, dexterity, and posture. Breathing will also be covered for pipers. No previous yoga experience or equipment is necessary.

  • Reflexology for Pipers and Drummers - We are expanding our focus on wellness for pipers and drummers with this session to help with relief of hand, arm, neck, shoulder, and back pain. 

  • Kiltmaking - How kilts are made and how to take care of your kilt 

  • Band Leadership 

  • Taking your band to Scotland

  • Band Ensemble